Can you believe that it has been a whole year since this craziness began? It is hard for me to believe too! I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has supported me, listened to me, held my hand, wiped my tears, and shared my story. I absolutely owe it to you for helping me survive.

All of you (and the entire word) know by now that I have joined Rodan + Fields as a consultant selling #lifechangingskincare. This was not a fly by night decision that I happened upon. While I do credit R+F with helping me dimish the appearance of my scars, what I truly am thankful for is how it has allowed for me to love my skin again. I miss my nostril deeply. I miss being able to breathe clearly, and never underestimate the ability to pick your own nose. I know TMI, but it is true, and I no longer can do that on one side…

I didn’t believe that I would be OK with walking out my front door with zero makeup on and not being a little weary of it. Thanks to R+F, I own it and embrace it. I am proud of it too! These are a few of the reasons that I flood your Facebook and Instagram pages with Rodan + Fields. It is so much more than great skincare. It has made me love my skin which for the record I have never loved it! I battled adult acne before skin cancer.

This company has given me even more of a platform in order to raise awareness for skin cancer and great all around skin care. Don’t be afraid to make a change that can benefit you in so many ways.

This is not just about selling some products and making some money. I would love to help find the right #lifechangingskincare for you.




Is Anyone Out There???

WOW! It has been NINE WHOLE MONTHS since my surgery and it has flown by quickly. It has also be a hot minute since I updated my blog last and for that I apologize. I would like to get it more up to date.

So, what have ya been up to? Me? I have been hiding from the sun mostly. LOL. Seriously, I have been pretty hesitate about venturing out into the sunshine and I live in the Sunshine State!  The school year started back up and I am teaching at North Bay Haven Charter Academy (LOVE IT) and I am in the beginning stages of starting a new club there too.

**Coming soon: Students Against Melanoma (SAM)**

I also started a new skincare business for myself! I joined the ranks of some people fabulous people and decided to become a Rodan + Fields consultant. I started using the product during the summer and fell in love! I love the way my skin feels and looks now! My scars are minimal even more so now thanks to #redefine.

I don’t just want everyone to know what I am selling I want them to know why I am selling it. I am selling Rodan + Fields because I am passionate about skincare and I know just how important good skincare is and just how serious it can be if not dealt with in an appropriate manner!


Getting my message to the world!

WOW. I have been busy this week.  One, I spoke at the Panama City Beach City Council meeting in opposition to the banning of sun shade devices on the beach. The PCB Council originally proposed a ban on ALL sun shade devices, regardless of what the council states.

You can find the council meeting” target=”_blank”>HERE.” target=”_blank”>HERE is another posting from Burnie Thompson explaining how the vote for the 30ft ban was possibly illegal. I will be attending again mainly due to the fact that Mayor Mike Thomas was so profoundly rude to me and others at the meeting. He acted as if we all made the original ordinance up in our tiny simple minds…

This morning I had an interview with WJGH with Dr. Sunseri as well. Stay tuned…

***Update*** Several things to say…

Hello my dear friends,

It has been a while since I updated my blog and I apology for my complacency and just laziness. I started to feel that people were losing interest, but with the official start of summer right around the corner, I wanted to pick back up.

I cannot tell you how many people have contacted me via FB, email, text, and even face to face concerning their skin, my skin, and even their loved one’s skin. I welcome it, but please know that I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL! I leave that up to Dr. Jeremy Sunseri and Dr. Amir Ceydeli!

First things first, if you suspect that you might have sun damage then GO DIRECTLY TO A DERMATOLOGIST! If you have an open sore on your face and you visit a different type of doctor that performs a biopsy and it comes back as skin cancer then hightail it to a DERMATOLOGIST. If you are having a Mohs procedure, please make sure that the DERMATOLOGIST is fellowship trained. I can confirm that the following doctors in Bay County are indeed fellowship trained:

  • Dr. Jeremy Sunseri, M.D.

  • Dr. Charles Kovaleski, M.D.

Clearly from my previous post’s my heartfelt endorsement goes to Dr. Sunseri! Another MUST when dealing with skin cancer is that you want your biopsy to be reviewed/studied by a dermatopathologist! These individuals are highly trained in the pathology of SKIN RELATED ISSUES hence the prefix derma-.

On to my next rant…Apparently the great minds of Panama City Beach have decided that it would behoove us to ban certain types of canopies and tents on the beach between Memorial and Labor Day. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?! Apparently, the newly elected mayor of Panama City Beach has not seen my blog or my pictures. I plan on changing that at the next city meeting! They may only give me minutes to speak, but I can always print photos and send those pesky emails!

I, nor anyone else, should have to avoid the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches in an effort to protect their or their loved one’s skin. Of course, I apply sunscreen, DUH, but the ability to escape the sun is critical and we shouldn’t have to flee the beach in order to do so. I also should not have to buy an umbrella for each member of my family in order to do so either. As long as I am not leaving the canopy or tent behind which violates another ordinance then I should be good to go.

My current plan of action is to become very vocal about this ill-thought-out plan. I welcome any conversation pertaining to this topic and would love to hear any valid reasons for such an ordinance. In the meantime, I will continue my quest for skin protection. If you are in agreement with me, you are not alone, and I urge you to consider signing the petitionHERE!

Thank you for reading! Here is an updated photo…This is not the most flattering photo of me, but it is the most recent and without a lovely filter!



Three Months and One Day

Yesterday marked three months since my surgery in December. I must say that I am very impressed with the outcome thus far and I will have a few more procedures with Dr. Ceydeli. I shared a picture a week or so ago, but did not update the blog. I have been lacking and I apologize for that.

I went to the eye doctor yesterday and the young lady who assisting the doctor talked to me about her needing to go see a dermatologist. I shared with her my story and asked her if she would like to see the pictures and she said yes. I showed her the before picture which only shows that little itty bitty sore and the proceeded with the tumor shot, my gaping hole and then my day 2 vs day 81. I did not have any make up, so she was able to see my scares after I removed my glasses.

My husband was concerned about me putting my story out there for all to see, but now he can see why I have done it. I have had so many people tell me that they went to doctor because of  my story. Just the other day Lauren, from Ceydeli’s office, told me that several people have come into the office and brought up my case.

Sunday was the first day of Spring, not that i feels much like it, so many of us when will hitting the beach, parks, and various other outdoor events so it is important to remember your sunscreen! Do not be afraid to invest in a high quality one either! I have invested in a sunscreen moisturizer for my face and apply it daily by itself and under my make up. It is thicker that a normal moisturizer, but it is totally worth it! Coola Suncare

day 82

Coming along nicely…

It is amazing at the amounts of skin cancer awareness that I see now that I have skin cancer. Kinda like when you buy a blue Honda Accord and now you see them everywhere. 😂

I came across something shared on FB by Fox News about a woman name Judy Cloud and her cancer story. While we both have Basal Cell Carcinoma and it will not kill us,  as melanoma can and will, it can disfigured us. We have endured multiple procedures that are not so easy and their are more to come, as well.

Here is here story: Judy Cloud’s Story

I have a couple of updated pictures… Please do not mind the mess behind me.  😢